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Quality Catamaran Kit Packages Available

Build your own ‘Home on the Water’ Today

Live Aboard Catamarans Specialize in the Design, Building & Manufacturing of the following
for Direct Sales to “The Do it Yourself Handy Person”.

      • V1270 Freedom Catamaran as pictured above
      • V1270 Freedom Boat Shell Kit Packages
      • Quality Polished Fibreglass Catamaran Hulls
      • Luxurious Polished Interior Fibreglass Catamaran Parts

You can easily build your Own ‘Home on the Water’ in your own back yard with our Catamaran Kits.

We supply 32ft, 40ft and 46ft size Professionally Built Polished Fibreglass Hulls
as well as complete V1270 Freedom Hull and Deck Kits ready for Fit Out.


Designed with Luxury in Mind

The Safety, Stability and Performance advantages of Catamarans over Mono Hulls have long been recognized by Sea Rescue and Commercial operators, but the interest and demand of pleasure boaties had been largely ignored with only expensive, heavy, slow moving, boxy looking or pure fishing designs with few creature comforts being previously available.

Our Catamarans are designed with Economy, Speed, Appearance, Safety & Luxury in Mind.
There is plenty of room to move around and you feel like you’re in a beautiful luxurious home, rather than a cold & cramped slow weekender.

Not only are our Catamarans comfortable to live in. With our boat designs you can be rest assured
that Living Life on the water is Lots of Fun and Enjoyment.

You can save yourself Many Years of work and Tens of Thousands of Dollars with our Quality Catamaran Parts, and this means that you can enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle on the water quickly and almost in no time at all, and most importantly of all, you will be very proud of the job you have done in building your very own beautiful luxurious ‘Home on the Water’.

Turtle-Reef-aerial Kimberley & Life


With DIY Training Manual

Our staff offers quality and reliable Catamaran Hulls and Luxurious Catamaran Parts you can count on and we include ‘easy to follow’ Build Plans to help you achieve your Goals & Dreams with speed & efficiency. This also includes an ‘easy to follow’ Instruction Training Manual on how to easily work with Fibreglass.


Prices You Can Afford

At Live Aboard Catamarans, our goal is to provide you with Courteous, Expedient and Professional service of the Highest Calibre, and we have what you need at prices you can afford.


Your Dream Becomes Our Dream

At Live Aboard Catamarans we are here to help you get started on
Owning Your Own ‘Home on the Water’, whether its ...

          • The Perfect World Cruising Power Catamaran
          • A Beautiful World Cruising Sailing Catamaran
          • A Luxurious Ocean Sail/Motor House Boat Catamaran


Once you get started on building Your Own ‘Home on the Water’, we will do what we can to help you succeed in getting on the water in the fastest time possible. Your Dream becomes Our Dream and we will be just as proud as you of the finished product.


We Support You When You Need It Most.

At Live Aboard Catamarans we don’t just help you with Catamaran Parts, we also help you achieve your Goals and Dreams with help in other areas too (such as Inspiration).

Many people find it hard to get started on their dreams because Achieving Our Dreams are some of the hardest things we can do in life. And let’s face it, sometimes it is hard to get the Help and Support we need from those who are close to us (our family and friends) and since the end of any journey always seems so far away at the beginning, sometimes it seems like a hard road to do it alone.

At Live Aboard Catamarans we make sure You Are Not Alone; We will support you when you need it most. We will give you as much help and support as you need along the way.

We will not only support you with the actual building knowledge, we will support you with Personal Inspiration and Uplifting Thoughts when you need it.

Check out our Inspirational Pages on this Website to see the kind of additional knowledge and support you can receive from us.


Browse our Web Site

Browse our Web Site for more information about Live Aboard Catamarans and how we can help
you start building your Luxurious Dream ‘Home on the Water’ Today.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Live Aboard Catamarans representative regarding
 our Catamaran Kits, Catamaran Hulls and other Products, please e-mail us at

At Live Aboard Catamarans the customer always comes first.


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